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Celebrity Big Brother

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We are shocked that people hold prejudices.

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  • Chichi Parish

    ooer-s’not loading up properly Matt.
    Maybe it’s me???? Will try again later. ta ta

  • Chichi Parish

    Marvellous, Matt.

  • poldraw

    That’s very nice Matt.
    Racists brainlessness is exactly what it is… Yet in a twisted sort of way, people like Jade and that footballer’s girlfriend-thingy, are so extraordinary obtuse that it would be almost unfair to blame them…
    There’s an old rule in journalism which states that it’s the journalist’s responsibility to “protect people from themselves.” The scrapping of this in favour of shameless celebration/exploitation of ignorance and fatuousness, can only result in shite television.

    I think the protesters burning effigies of the show’s producers, have got their response about right. Maybe they could include Jeremy Kyle as well next time…


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