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How to draw really big: Part three

Here’s a to-scale-shot-of-the-cartoonist and his Big Board with the fear I wrote about previously replaced by hope that my chosen image about trade was going to hold up over such a big space.
I started off by blocking in the shapes of the image I wanted to draw with a tin of Homebase’s finest grey exterior paint. This was surprisingly effective and the rough surface of the hardboard meant that dry-brushing was very effective. This was very handy for the image I chose to paint.
After I had established the shapes and the layout I could then add black and white and further tone to help bring the image up and into a better and more powerful focus. The whole process took about eight hours and was hard work but great fun.

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  • Chichi Parish

    You caught the sun, Matt. Glad you decided to wear a fetching sombrero.

  • Morten

    Good choice of cartoon Matt! The hat is top notch. Anything else worth reporting from the weekend?

  • Royston

    It came out great. Hopefully you think it was worth all the fretting beforehand!

  • matt

    Thanks for the kind comments all – apologies for the hat. In a delusional fashion I’d half thought it didn’t look too bad, but now I see the folly of my ways … surely, I must be due for a week off …

    For those that haven’t seen it – I recommend a trip to Royston’s blog to check out his board too.

  • clare

    That’s great Matt – but no wonder you were nervous! Have a good holiday.

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