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The jargon which means inventing money

Here is a clip from Channel 4 News on 5th March 2009 explaining what quantitative easing means for the UK. I got to invent the imaginary paper money for the show which was a lot of fun. I read recently that what some people call ‘doodling’ is very good for concentration and memory, I hope it helps Mervyn King and the the people who are trying to manage what’s left of the UKs economy. The scale of what was announced yesterday is enormous and its effects will last a long time for all of us. The Governor of the Bank of England and the government argue that increasing the money supply to the national economy by inventing money is possible because interest rates and inflation (price rises) are low, but, as this link explains, this is not-quite-the-truth about inflation on items we all have to buy regularly.

There are some links here to more clips from Channel 4 News featuring Jon Snow interviewing a variety of the great and the good, including Sir Howard Davies and Will Hutton, all with the bizarre (but great) sight of my caricatures peering over their shoulders.

The presentation on screen is a credit to the studio manager who put it all together, mind you, I’m biased.

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  • wiLbur

    brilliant work, matt! and great to see you on the telly!

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