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Cartoon: Ain’t it all a bleedin’ shame

<i>Tax and taxation cartoon © Matt Buck Hack cartoons</i>

Tax and taxation cartoon © Matt Buck Hack cartoons

A drawing about wealthy folk hiding their tax liabilities offshore.  There’s an interesting list of global tax havens here (I like the joke about the Isle of Wight) but, there is a long history of British dependencies or, leftovers from the British Empire, which do make a living in this way. How many corporate pirates will see justice, compared say, to those Somali pirates who have kidnapped a ship’s captain and are now being pursued by the US navy.

“It’s the same the whole world over,
It’s the poor what gets the blame,
It’s the rich what gets the gravy,
Ain’t it all a bleedin’ shame.”

Apologies to the late Bob Weston and Bert Lee, workers in the music halls of yesteryear and writers of She was poor but she was honest.

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