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Cartoon: Leveson Inquiry infographic

Cartoon: Leveson lobbyist infographic - Frederic Michel, Adam Amith + Jeremy Hunt © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

The relationship  between politicians and corporate lobbyists has always been controversial and the revelations from the long-running Leveson Inquiry do not show it in a flattering light. The drawing above features Frédéric Michel, the senior lobbyist for Rupert Murdoch’s News International and Adam Smith, special adviser to Secretary of State at the Department of Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport. Smith’s boss and the minister in situ, Jeremy Hunt, held responsibility for dealing with News International’s controversial bid to own all of BSkyB.

Drawing – a collation of thumbnail pencil portraits and some arrows all drawn for my own entertainment (no, really).

Updated – 25th September 2014: An exchange on twitter about recording the activity of lobbyists.

@lescarr and @psychemedia on watching the changes to legislation @ Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

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