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Video cartoon: The Kiss

Leaks implying that the Government may abandon its commitment to reform of the House of Lords signal real trouble for the Coalition between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

The video above imagines how the strange relationship all got started.

Updated Monday 6th August: News of an Autumn by-election following the resignation of Louise Mensch, Conservative MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, adds spice to the tension inside the government coalition. The constituency is a marginal and, overheated speculation about the leadership ambitions of London Mayor Boris Johnson aside, promises to make an uncomfortable close to the year for David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Boris Johnson is only going to stand as an MP in a constituency the Tories can win. Hence no interest in Corby.


Ian Jones

Updated Monday 6th August 2.30pm: The Deputy Prime Minister’s statement upon the withdrawal of the government commitment to reform of the House of Lords. This policy was one of the  building blocks for the formation of the coalition government back in May 2010. Prime Minister and Leader of the conservative Party David Cameron is clearly unable to deliver his MPs to support the bill. This is a significant admission of weakness for any leader.

It is notable Clegg’s statement includes an explicit commitment from  the Lib Dems to veto any move to constituency boundary redrawing which is something the Conservatives have long wanted and need if they wish to secure future majorities in the House of Commons.

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