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Cartoon: The swivel-eyed lunatics

Cartoon: Boris Johnson and the swivel-eyed lunatics in the conservative Party © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

The ‘swivel-eyed lunatics’ of popular political conversation appear to have taken over in the Conservative party and the Prime Minister appears too weak to face them down while they fret in public about the ‘electoral threat’ of Nigel Farage’s UKIP.

The two greatest sources of discontent are Europe and ‘moral’ debate over the legalisation of same sex marriage but, seen from here, the real problem remains the PM’s failure to win the last election outright.

To add to this happy situation, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson (and another would-be Conservative Prime Minister) has lost his long legal fight to cover up the existence of a child born from an extra marital affair. It all reminds of the Cecil Parkinson-Sarah Keays affair from the recent political past.

To Johnson’s credit he has never (wisely) been one to preach morals for political advantage. However, he may have been depending on some of the loons and the accompanying moral minority to vote for him come the next Conservative party leadership contest.

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