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Cartoon: Balance of power

Cartoon_UK_General Election 2015_©_Matthew_Buck_Hack_cartoons

The one speculatulation about the General Election of 2015 that might hold value is that the result will be a coalition of some sort. In this event, the much maligned leader of the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg remains likely to play a pivotal part. Neither of the two leaders of the two ‘main’ parties looks as stable in his position as Clegg is, assuming he can hang on to his own seat in Sheffield Hallam.

And one thing the recent seven leader television debate showed is that Labour has far more to lose in terms of votes from the rise of nationalism outside England than the Tories do.

On a similar theme, there is also some excellent commentary on the apparent or coming collapse of the United Kingdom as a coherent political entity at Renewal, should you be minded for a bank holiday long read.

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