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Cartoon: Summer holiday in a British children’s home


© Matthew Buck hack Cartoons for http://tribunecartoons.com

The summer has been characterised by revelations and repetitions of stories concerning state run children’s homes. The ‘highlights’, if they can be called such, concerned the town of Rotherham and Sir Cliff Richard. The remainder noted in the cartoon were even older, as long lasting as the Rotherham tale (displayed in the Jay report) and were also quite as foul. The attempts to disclose the full story in many of these cases continues.

Perhaps the overarching parliamentary inquiry with cross-party support will help although it still lacks a chair and a remit from the Prime Minister at the time of writing.

Cartoon: Rotherham child sex report

Cartoon: Rochdale Child Protection scandal © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for Channel 4 News

The monumental stupidity of systems without people who are willing or able to take responsibility delivers another story for the archives.

This cartoon was originally drawn for Channel 4 News, one of the last times we went around one of these horror stories.

Sketchbook: Kate Bush

Sketchbook caricature of Kate Bush © Matthew Buck at Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck at Hack Cartoons

A 30 minute sketchbook Kate Bush in vector on the occasion of her first concerts for quite a long time. That’s the way to do it, build the expectation.

Just what one might reasonably expect from a great artist.

Cartoon: Drawing and the development of intelligence

Matt_Buck_Hack_Cartoons_Early_Drawing_aged_four_Years Reading: an irresistible summer newspaper story (Telegraph) about research into the possible importance of drawing in developing the cognitive function of intelligence. If you would rather take the work of a visual media outlet ITV have a version here too. You can read the original news story from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College, London. The drawing above was made by me aged about four years (many years ago).

Writing: The automated future


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons @procartoonists.org

The advertising giant Google has received a patent for the ‘‘self-creation of comic strips in social networks and other communications’’. This following the work of other digital toolmakers such as Bitstrips.

The automation of digital formats for display is inevitable in this time of huge and growing digital processing power and means that everyone can indeed be a cartoonist now.

People like myself must learn to live with the weather makers (see above).

Cartoon: Where’s the beef?

Cartoon: Great Britain and the AAA credit rating © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for http://tribunecartoons.com

The ‘economic recovery’ in the UK appears not to be benefitting most of its population. The growth in short term and self-employment is keeping employment high but actual wages continue to lag behind price inflation (the so-called cost of living crisis). The adoption of zero-hours contracts is also, arguably, increasing social and economic instability for the newly self-employed. Interestingly, some of the new methods of employment do not even have an official legal status, yet (link to a pdf from the Office of National Statistics).

reposonse to ONS survey 13th 2014

In contrast, asset inflation, mainly of property is in good shape, perhaps fuelled by the printing of money enabled by the Bank of England and endorsed by the Chancellor.

The cartoon references the recent horsemeat scandal in the UK.

Cartoon: Seize the day


© Matthew Buck at Hack cartoons

It is not often I break into the cheerless less round of news related current affairs coverage here but Robin Williams is worth it – even if he has just died.

Respect is due for a life lived as well and generously as it could be.

The quote in the title post is the translation of Carpe Diem - a highlight from one of the many stories he helped tell – and it is as worthy and complicated as the man was himself.


Cartoon: The Jihadi bird


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for tribunecartoons.com

The invasion of Iraq was widely held to have been motivated in part by the urge to possess the under utilised oil resources the country possessed (see above). Now of course, much of this is being instead carried off by the jihadis of the rapidly emerging Caliphate state in parts of northern and western Iraq – and also in neighbouring Syria.

Patrick Cockburn has written a fine explanation of the huge change underway for the London Review of Books.

Cartoon: Boris Johnson announces his intent to return to parliament

It is hard to arrange peaceful holidays at the best of times, but all the more so when your nearest and dearest are doing their absolute worst to make your life more difficult.

Cartoon_David_Cameron_on_Holiday_you_sleep_with_the_fishes_©_Matthew_Buck_Hack_cartoonsMy hat tipped to Ian Jones for the original spot  which informed the cartoon above (and a lot of other media coverage in the past 24 hours).

Updated: 7th August 2014. A good election analysis blog from Ian Jones. One to watch.

Cartoon: The centenary of World War One


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