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Cartoon: Noughts and crosses


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

The United Kingdom’s General Election of 2015 is deadlocked with all sides cancelling each other out. There is a good overview of the situation provided by PoliticoEurope this morning. I drew the analogy from a game of noughts and crosses.

I wonder if it will be the last before another Scottish Independence referendum.

Pong! The UK election of 2015

Cartoon_Pong_at_the_UK 2015_General_Election_©_Matt_Buck_hack_cartoons

Busmans Holiday – Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival 2015

Cartoon_Style_Housing_Crisis_©_Matt_Buck_Hack_cartoonsTo the fair county of Shropshire for the annual cartoon festival. The theme this year being the tricky subject of ‘style’. Pity me!

Cartoon: Balance of power

Cartoon_UK_General Election 2015_©_Matthew_Buck_Hack_cartoons

The one speculatulation about the General Election of 2015 that might hold value is that the result will be a coalition of some sort. In this event, the much maligned leader of the Lib Dems, Nick Clegg remains likely to play a pivotal part. Neither of the two leaders of the two ‘main’ parties looks as stable in his position as Clegg is, assuming he can hang on to his own seat in Sheffield Hallam.

And one thing the recent seven leader television debate showed is that Labour has far more to lose in terms of votes from the rise of nationalism outside England than the Tories do.

On a similar theme, there is also some excellent commentary on the apparent or coming collapse of the United Kingdom as a coherent political entity at Renewal, should you be minded for a bank holiday long read.

Cartoon: Red Nose Day 2015


Cartoon: UK Tax Premiership Pro!


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Caricature: Stephen Green of HSBC


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Stephen Green, Baron of Hurstpierpoint and former Group Executive Chairman of  theHSBC Banking Group is being widely questioned about his remarkable lack of  managerial or executive oversight of its Swiss private banking arm before, during and after the financial crash of 2007/08.

This follows global public disclosure of information about opaque tax policies for high net worth individuals and the bank’s repeated business connections with money launders, terrorists and drug runners. Much of this results from a leak or whistleblower from within HSBC. You can watch an interview with the man concerned conducted by Faisal islam of Sky News here.

Thus far Stephen Green (aka the ‘ethical banker’) has avoided answering any questions at all.

Naturally after retiring from the financial industry in 2010, the present UK Prime Minister appointed him a Trade Minister. He served three years.

It seems likely that is all he will serve, despite his avowed faith because hilariously, Green is also a ordained priest in the Church of England. He is also author of a notable book called ‘Serving God, Serving Mammon’.

The cartoon owes something to the old game of Cluedo.

Updated: 15th February 2015.

Jon Snow on Stephen Green- 15th February 2015

Cartoon: Genetic engineering in the UK

The UK parliament has voted on and approved so-called third parent genetic donation to help prevent inherited disease caused by genetic malfunction outside the cell nucleus of the human body. This long sought approval has been extremely controversial.

Following the Scottish Independence referendum, the conservative part of the government has also proposed its promised plan for ‘English votes for English laws’. It looks a botch and seems guaranteed to please almost no one.

This pithy piece of analysis puts it into context.

The coming coalition government will be debatably-modified as well.

Cartoon: The Sorcerer’s apprentice


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Mario Draghi, Governor of the European Central Bank is this week expected to announce massive program of government bond buying using something that looks almost exactly like ‘Quantitative easing’. This is a practice of increasing  ‘liquidity’ in the financial markets already followed the US Federal Reserve, the UK Bank of England and the Bank of Japan since the global financial crash of 2007/08.

In so far as anyone can tell, its major effect so far has been to devalue currencies, boost asset prices for the truly wealthy and delay a reckoning that the bankrupt private financial institutions are, arguably, overdue.

Cartoon: Everything is awesome


© Matt Buck Hack cartoons

Here comes the election of 2015. – and here’s the splendid song from the Lego movie to help you keep your morale up during what is likely to be a trying period.

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