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It has a nice, new break out box for riting, er, writing. And here is a  gallery of some recent work.

Cartoon: Nigel Farage and his expenses


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for tribunecartoons.com

The Monty Python revival shows due this summer might benefit from the efforts of the Conservative party and the Times Newspaper to destroy Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP over his expenses as an MEP.

The 2014 European elections are also imminent amid wide expectation UKIP will do well. They might. However, I’d argue the true test of UKIP’s popularity will be seeing if they can noticeably boost the national turnout at the notoriously badly attended polls.

If they do, that really will scare the established parties ahead of next year’s general election.

Cartoon: The Hillsborough Inquests


Cartoon: The Hillsborough Stadium Disaster Inquests © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for tribunecartoons.com

New inquests into the death of 96 people killed at the Hillsborough stadium disaster of 15th April 1989 have opened in Warrington on Merseyside. This follows the quashing of the verdicts from the original inquests in 2012.

After one quarter of a century and the many horrible revelations about the behaviour of the South Yorkshire Police force, the local MP and HMG the story still has the power to shock. The repeated process is expected to take one year.

The cartoon owes something to the iconography of the advertising hoardings which became makeshift stretchers as people died.

TR_ED_Summer_Holiday_25_07_13_WEB © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for tribunecartoons.com

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for tribunecartoons.com

The investigations into the activities of Sir James (Jimmy) Savile has been extended to a large number of local authorities. The extent of the alleged activity implies he had some powerful friends prepared to overlook his behaviour for a prolonged period.

The cartoon, above, references the many other ongoing investigations into the revelations  in child abuse in the United Kingdom.

Cartoon: Learning about mobile working


© Matthew Buck for Drawnalism Ltd

Drawnalism Ltd represented by the bicycle with the stabilisers.

Cartoon: A cart from Lombardy

Cartoon_Tobias_Grubbe_and_the_Lamborghini © Matthew Buck hack cartoons @ tobiasgrubbe.com

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons @ tobiasgrubbe.com

Spend your pension savings on a Lamborghini? Why not.

The ‘Right to Parody’


At Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Reading a learned piece from lobbyists at The Open Rights Group about the ‘Right to Parody’.

In it, ORG calls once more for the UK to adopt an exemption in law comparable to those in countries including Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Cartoonists have long operated without the safety net of a ‘Right to parody’ that the ORG champions. Typically, we have survived by being ignored, endured or tolerated by a powerful enough patron. For the truly keen, I wrote a long piece about the changes to my business back in 2009.

The democratisation of publishing technology unleashed by IT and spread by the internet has enabled very many other people to play in the fun and nastiness that the publication of satire allows. I’ve always thought this was healthy despite the challenge it can pose to the law of copyright and occasionally to defamation.

Equally, it is also a truism that you know who is in charge of a society when you are told what you may not do.

The wave of self-expression in parody has become so large that even the legal establishment has had to take notice of it. It is to be hoped the exemption of a ‘Right to parody’ is granted before the next general election.


After James Gillray @ Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Updated 27th March 2014: The draft statutory instrument outlining the exemption to copyright for parody has been published by the government. It should come into force on June 1st.

Cartoon: Ask a Policeman


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for tribunecartoons.com

Raised eyebrows following the Ellison Review and the disclosure of the scale of document destruction at the Metropolitan Police following the Lawwrence murder and its subsequent enquiries into corruption.

Cartoon: Cloud or Fog


© Matthew Buck Hack cartoons for TobiasGrubbe.com

Cartoon extracted from Tobias Grubbe.

Cartoon: The State and Surveillance


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons