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Estuary English – The Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2015

Matthew Buck Hack cartoons at herne bat cartoon festival 2015 - Photograph © Kasia Kowalska

Photograph © Kasia Kowalska

To the fair town of Herne Bay in Kent for the third annual cartoon festival.


Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2015

To the third annual cartoon festival at the fine seaside town of Herne bay in that there county of Kent. Read all about it here, courtesy of the Bay promotion team.

The splendid event poster this year is by Banx of the Financial Times.

Cartoon: The Labour Party Leadership campaign



Candidates for the leadership of the post Ed Miliband Labour party are found to be underwhelming. No great surprise here. Whoever the lucky winner is, it is going to be a long job.


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Labour leadership campaign - at matthew Buck Hack cartoons

There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

Labour Leadership campaign 2015 - at Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Cartoon: The third economic bailout of Greece

Cartoon: The second Greek bailout © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

It appears the Eurogroup has negotiated a third financial bailout of Greece allowing the country to maintain its position inside the single currency, the Euro.

Reaction to Third Greek bailout _ at Matthew Buck hack Cartoons


Cartoon: 7/7 – 10 years on

It is the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 08.31.02

Video: Creative work is derivative

Firmly among my personal favourite videos. Credit belongs to Nina Paley and to those who went before.

The People’s Magna Carta


To listen to the self-described recovering comedian Mark Thomas gather ideas for the People’s Magna Carta from some of my neighbours in my hometown of Winchester, Hampshire.

Among the winning ideas at the audience conversation show was a national maximum wage. A simple, elegant and rather persuasive idea in this, the age of austerity.

The maximum wage.

Accompanying Mark was Alex Runswick from Unlock Democracy who answered questions that ran into issues with the UK’s voluntary or unwritten constitution. Many of these concerned the notion of rights and responsibilities and what the role of the citizen is.

Unlock Democracy lives here online.

Mark Thomas is on tour and you can find the details here.

The pen sketches above and below were speedy five minute renders of both subjects in their listening poses.

How to commission Matt




Baggage check for the Prime Minister


The Queen’s Speech has been published at the House of Commons in Westminster and the Prime Minister will now get to find out if he over-promised in his eagerness to win re-election.

Above, I hazard he has done so.

Updated: 29th May 2015  The FT reports on the reception Cameron received in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland.

Cartoon: No Labour, No Britain


The pretensions of the Labour party to remaining the last national political party in the United Kingdom have taken a battering after losing almost all of their parliamentary seats in Scotland in the General Election of 2015. They have been succeeded in Scotland by the Scottish National Party following their narrow defeat in the Independence referendum of autumn 2014.

There are now only three seats in Scotland belonging to what used to be called the Unionist parties. It’s hard to imagine there will not be another referendum for Independence for Scotland soon, even with the new majority Conservative government of the United Kingdom.

Columnist Mary Riddell explains the existential challenge this sets for the Labour Party, shorn as they now are of their Scottish ‘comfort blanket’. This was also the subject of the cartoon, displayed above.

Cartoon: Noughts and crosses


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

The United Kingdom’s General Election of 2015 is deadlocked with all sides cancelling each other out. There is a good overview of the situation provided by PoliticoEurope this morning. I drew the analogy from a game of noughts and crosses.

I wonder if it will be the last before another Scottish Independence referendum.

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