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Cartoon: The campaign for the Scottish independence – Referendum 2014


© Matthew Buck Hack cartoons

The #indyref campaign is almost over but the effects will be with us for a long time, whatever the result. Despite the rather jaundiced view I have taken above in the cartoon, turnout is expected to be very high – well over 80% with many confirmed non-voters turning out. This may reflect the fact that there is something clear to vote for and against.

Claire Bolderson reporting from #indyref

The FT’s John McDermott sums up the state of the polls with less than one week to go.

John McDermott of the FT on the Referendum state of play with one week to go

The paper also offers what seems a plain speaking analysis of the situation whatever the result. (Registration may be required to read it).

The cartoon borrows from the prime minister’s recent soundbite and the fine Irvine Welsh book and subsequent film, Trainspotting, directed by Danny Boyle and produced by Andrew Macdonald. In fact, while we are doing popular culture from Scotland, let’s take in a little of this – it being good for the soul. Get it right next time by Gerry Rafferty.

Cartoon: Scottish Independence Cameron and Major

David Cameron as John Major cartoon with the passing of the underpants © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Listening (and reading) to former Prime Minister john Major”s ‘howl of despair’ about what appears to be happening in the Scottish Independence referendum.

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Cartoon: RBS – The Royal Bank of Scotland

Cartoon: RBS NatWest_Bank_Hack_Cartoon © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Noting a glowing review of journalist Ian Fraser’s book about the bank that helped really break Britain.

The wisdom of “steady”, “patient” “incremental” is so quick to lose – and for a new generation now to gain. For this lesson alone, Ian Fraser has written a compelling book for Scotland, for finance and for the political and business world.

The quote extracted from Bill Jamieson’s review. The observation rings true to me.

Cartoon: The independence of Scotland and the United Kingdom

Red-Handed fat cat political donor and part political donation

Red-Handed fat cat © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

There is less than two weeks before the vote about offering a return to independence for Scotland. Whichever result the voters deliver, the result will undoubtedly change whatever is left of the United Kingdom. The New Economics Foundation offer this intelligence about that assertion.

Cartoon: Summer holiday in a British children’s home


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for http://tribunecartoons.com

The summer has been characterised by revelations and repetitions of stories concerning state run children’s homes. The ‘highlights’, if they can be called such, concerned the town of Rotherham and Sir Cliff Richard. The remainder noted in the cartoon were even older, just as long lasting as the Rotherham tale (displayed in the Jay report) and were also quite as foul. The attempts to disclose the full story in many of these cases continue.

Perhaps the overarching parliamentary inquiry with cross-party support will help although it still lacks a chair and a remit from the Prime Minister at the time of writing.

Updated: 4th September 2014 – Undisclosed victims volunteering information to the police, broader analysis of Rotherham in Communitycare.co.uk and a ‘Wall of silence’ from The Morning Star Online.

Updated: 5th September 2014Fiona Woolf, the present Lord Mayor of the City of London will be the new head of the inquiry into historical sex abuse. You can read more about here career as a corporate lawyer and as a former President of the Law Society here.

Cartoon: Rotherham child sex report

Cartoon: Rochdale Child Protection scandal © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for Channel 4 News

The monumental stupidity of systems without people who are willing or able to take responsibility delivers another story for the archives.

This cartoon was originally drawn for Channel 4 News, one of the last times we went around one of these horror stories.

Sketchbook: Kate Bush

Sketchbook caricature of Kate Bush © Matthew Buck at Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck at Hack Cartoons

A 30 minute sketchbook Kate Bush in vector on the occasion of her first concerts for quite a long time. That’s the way to do it, build the expectation.

Just what one might reasonably expect from a great artist.

Cartoon: Drawing and the development of intelligence

Matt_Buck_Hack_Cartoons_Early_Drawing_aged_four_Years Reading: an irresistible summer newspaper story (Telegraph) about research into the possible importance of drawing in developing the cognitive function of intelligence. If you would rather take the work of a visual media outlet ITV have a version here too. You can read the original news story from the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College, London. The drawing above was made by me aged about four years (many years ago).

Writing: The automated future


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons @procartoonists.org

The advertising giant Google has received a patent for the ‘‘self-creation of comic strips in social networks and other communications’’. This following the work of other digital toolmakers such as Bitstrips.

The automation of digital formats for display is inevitable in this time of huge and growing digital processing power and means that everyone can indeed be a cartoonist now.

People like myself must learn to live with the weather makers (see above).

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