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Cartoon: Mr Osborne’s medicine

In an [excellent] article @FlipChartRick explains what is happening to the provision of what were once core public services in the United Kingdom.

Mr cameron's leeches and the local authorities at Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

George Osborne Chancellor of the Exchequer Cartoon caricature © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Dr Cameron is the man with the bedside manner and the application of leeches but it is really Mr Osborne’s medicine.

Updated: 25th November 2015 – And here it is, aided by an eye-catching re-evaluation of measurement by the Independent Office of Budgetary Responsibility.

Don’t miss this piece over at the FT about some implications for local government – they are not pretty.

Cartoon: Jurisdictions in a digital world

Ryan Giggs revealed as subject of injunction © Matthew Buck Hack cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

The result of a case in the Court of Justice of the EU has fundamentally challenged the recently established conventions for global transfer and retention of data, so-called ‘Safe Harbour‘. You can read the gist of the issue here as provided by the BBC . The technology experts at The Register give more context and back story here. The UK Law Society Gazette gives some reaction from industry – and it is shocked.

Watch this space.

Updated: 1pm

European Court of Justice Shrems judgment - at Matthew Buck hack Cartoons

The demand for the judgment is impressive

And one the reasons for the demand of its existence has also had a say.

Edward Snowden on the #DataRetentionDirective at Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

The Financial Times takes a look at the immediate consequences and the road(s) ahead for all here.


Berlin! Marathon aftermath

The Berlin marathon - aftermath
There is a short video of the event available over here.

Drawing: From the first #ExaroDebate


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

To the St Bride Institute close by Fleet Street to listen to the first Exaro News Debate – as recorded above.

The panellists were Tony Gallagher, new Editor-in-chief of The Sun, David Hencke of Exaro, Peter Jukes, the media blogger, Glenda Cooper of City University and the moderator was Mark Watts, Editor-in-Chief of Exaro.

Any errors or incautious recordings in the drawing are my own and were made as the conversation happened. There’s a report from the media team at the Guardian here which focuses on Tony Gallagher, who was making his first public appearance as the new Editor-in-Chief of The Sun.

I note there’s also a  write up of the event over at The Steeple Times as well.

Video: The Prime Minister and the Pig(s)


The power struggles for the top of the governing party seem to have started with a, er, bang (er) or something.

The story about the severed pig’s head is, um, eyecatching and damaging to the PM on a global scale. But the issue is about a embittered old donor to a political party, Lord Ashcroft, throwing his toys out-of-his-pram for revenge at the start of a Conservative party leadership contest. Perhaps the most interesting question is on whose behalf is he doing it #kremlinology.

Cartoon: Never put lipstick on a pig


© Drawnalism Ltd

Lord Ashcroft, former treasurer of the Conservative Party has had his revenge upon the Prime Minister long after their well-publicised falling out. The Daily Mail has the details. Oink!

Cartoon: Security and surveillance in the UK


© Matthew Buck Hack cartoons

Listening to Andrew Parker the head of MI5 case making his case – at length – on the national broadcaster. This cartoon was originally made back in 2009.

Estuary English – The Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2015

Matthew Buck Hack cartoons at herne bat cartoon festival 2015 - Photograph © Kasia Kowalska

Photograph © Kasia Kowalska

To the fair town of Herne Bay in Kent for the third annual cartoon festival.


Herne Bay Cartoon Festival 2015

To the third annual cartoon festival at the fine seaside town of Herne bay in that there county of Kent. Read all about it here, courtesy of the Bay promotion team.

The splendid event poster this year is by Banx of the Financial Times.

Cartoon: The Labour Party Leadership campaign



Candidates for the leadership of the post Ed Miliband Labour party are found to be underwhelming. No great surprise here. Whoever the lucky winner is, it is going to be a long job.


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Labour leadership campaign - at matthew Buck Hack cartoons

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Labour Leadership campaign 2015 - at Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

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