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Tobias Grubbe – weekly animated video cartoon

Tobias Grubbe - C18th Gentl. of Word  & Picture © Matt Buck Hack CartoonsI am engraver to Tobias Grubbe whose OPINIONS appear at The Daily Telegraph each Monday. His stories are of a gentleman of WORD and PICTURE in the Great Britain of three hundred years ago. You can watch his  adventures here or here and do feel free to download imagery from this page if you would like to use it on your own publications. Master Grubbe does ask that you link to http://tobiasgrubbe.com if you do this. He thanks you in advance for your courtesy.

If you would like to sponsor one of Grubbe’s products or to discuss matters of COMMERCE you can reach him here.

Tobias Grubbe animated political, news and sport cartoon © Michael Cross and Matthew Buck Hack cartoons


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