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The proto-princess and the paparazzi

The monarchy have been issuing a hands-off warning to the press about prince William’s squeeze. This was drawn for thelondonpaper on Jan 10th.

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  • poldraw

    Any excuse to look at forbidden paparazzi pictures of the posh maid, eh? “I’m drawing her for thelondonpaper!”
    Like it!

  • Royston

    I read in the Evening Standard on the 9th that News International were not going to use any pap pix of KM from now on (a wise choice of words as on that day she was on the front of The Times and The London Paper …)

    So are they just going to get you to follow her around with paper and pen now Matt ? 😉

  • matt

    I WAS extremely tempted to draw myself in the corner (as a small rat) with a pen and paper, but some misplaced sense of discretion kicked in, and I didn’t.

    And yes, Royston, you spotted the scandal …

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