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LAUNCH DAY! 100507

Today, I and my fellow cartoonists at Tribune are launching a digital political and news cartoon diary – I’m also announcing my intention to publish Britain’s first regular animated political cartoon there every Wednesday.

Today, I have made an animation on ten years of Tony – and his relationship with that most difficult of concepts, the truth.

Graphic to display if Flash Player is not available.

Also, on the news front – there’s a small interview with me underneath a very large (and fine) drawing by Dave Brown in today’s Independent newspaper.

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  • Chichi Parish

    Two announcements in one day. It is indeed a great day.

  • Chichi Parish

    Perhaps I should make myself clear, Matt: the second announcement being Blair’s etd: 27june07.

  • Anonymous

    pmbflkacNot quite working my end.
    Fist box for cartoon that never was:
    The real statement by tony blare,
    ‘…he was talking about amagedon for god sake…’
    The out going priminster is filmed infront of some pickeled eggs.

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