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Post: Why bother blogging?


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You get to meet interesting people who can encourage you to think about things in a way you might not have before, or, remind you of something important you had forgotten.

Mick Fealty who spoke at a blogging event last evening organised by the Daily Telegraph, reminded me of the reasons I first became a journalist. This being in a halcyon time way back before the idea of blogging had crossed the consciousness of the media business.

Below, I’m paraphrasing an appropriate quote from Mick.

What would be your main blogging advice to a novice blogger? Listen as much as you write.

I might characterise my understanding of this now as a desire to learn or better understand by listening.

From the event, I should also name check Lloyd Shepherd and Jonathan Charles, who spotted that the BBC Radio 4 show – From our own correspondent – was and is a proto-blog.

So, here’s to the renewal of informed reportage. Long may it thrive.

Thanks to Shane Richmond and all at The Telegraph for arranging the evening. Shane has also got a list of reactions to the evenings musings which I am not going to try and duplicate. If you are interested in how we communicate, make and distribute timely information, it is worth a good explore.

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