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Sarah Palin and John McCain play the man and not the ball

Sarah Palin’s biographical wikipedia entry was edited very heavily shortly before the announcement she was to be John McCain’s running mate was made. This is unsurprising in itself, but does lend some authority to the idea she was a late choice because other more fancied front-runners either turned down the chance to run alongside John McCain, or because the Republican campaign is highly fixated on tactically outwitting the Democrats (after Hillary, we’ll pick a woman). Palin’s personal future depends very much on just how well she adapts to the demands of the high-pressure game she is now in. It looks very much as if the McCain campaign are going to try play the man (Obama) and not the ball (what he is saying). The Arizona senator’s campaign speech this week at the Republican national convention will be revealing.

This audio link from NPR in the US.

My colleague Andy Davey has a lovely cartoon in The Independent newspaper today about the state of things in the US at present

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