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What happens when you big draw in public

You rush around like a mad thing for a couple of hours to produce a big banner on a theme called Transports of Delight at the home of the Eurostar – London’s St Pancras station. Your team ‘wins’ a closely contested cheer-off with other teams of excellent cartoonists from Private Eye, The Guardian and the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation. You retire to the pub to bask in insane sense of satisfaction at having drawn everything in a terrible hurry. You offer slightly slower professional respect to team mates Dave Brown, Tim Sanders and Chris Burke – Chris is shown in the picture here holding up the products of our labours in a fetching fashion.

Hack cartoons drawing for The Independent newspaper at the Big Draw ai St Pancras Station in London, October 2008

UPDATED: My colleague Royston Robertson, who played for the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation has an interesting report on his blog

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  • andrew birch

    It was a complete fix! Private Eye was robbed!

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