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Home truths about child protection – cartoon

Cartoon, child safety, social services, baby P, Haringey, social work, poverty. Published at Channel 4 News. Drawn by Matt Buck Hack cartoons. Copyright and all image rights Matt Buck Hack Cartoons.

Published at Channel 4 News

Blogger A very British dude has a good piece on the story here – I particularly liked the very last paragraph

UPDATED UPDATE: Noon on Saturday.
Mick Fealty at Brassneck has a decent post too – and, also, the beginnings of a decent conversation at the bottom of it. The back and forth with blogger ‘It’s a free country‘ reveals some interesting underlying attitudes…

UPDATED UPDATE UPDATE: 5pm Sunday. Paul Linford has evidence of the party political fighting over the moral high ground for those who want to see it in action, but more importantly, I want to offer a hat-tip for Paul’s promotion of a cartoonist new to me and who is appearing regularly on his blog. I don’t know Slob, but he has some talent and it is good to see him getting publication with a good ‘editor.’ I hope he is being paid something for the time and effort his work requires.

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