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Cartoon: UK Wikipedia censored – cartoon

Internet Watch Foundation cartoon, Internet servce providers, ISP and IWF, censorship, Wikipedia, children, pornography, imagery, satire

Published at Channel 4 News

Here, you can find reaction to the Internet Watch Foundation‘s decision to ask six UK internet service providers to restrict internet access to a Wikipedia page which published a picture of a Scorpions album cover first released in 1976. The Wikipedia page on the album is, or was, informative on the context to the image. This decision has also stoepd Uk web users editing or amending any entries on the collaborative encyclopedia’s site.

The Internet Watch Foundation respond to criticism of their action.

There’s also a retrospective report here on the battle for control of the internet from C4.

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  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    Bizarre, ridiculous and alarming all at the same time…

  • ISPcompared.com

    According to Wikipedia, the IWF operates in informal partnership with the police, government, public and Internet service providers. Originally formed to police suspected child pornography online, the IWF’s remit was later expanded to cover racist and criminally obscene material. What’s next: policing peaceful political activism? Who’s in charge of policing the IWF?

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