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Oil and motor cars – cartoon

Oil and motor cars animated political cartoon © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons for Channel 4 News in the UK

The PM is unhappy that OPEC will be cutting production of oil (in response to falling global demand) because they want the price to go up again. It is, other than in domestic political PR terms, a pointless complaint he is making, countries tend to behave in economically rational ways ie. to defend their perceived vital national interests. OPEC and its members are going to do what comes naturally to them.

Sadly, for the PM (and us in the UK) this means oil and petrol may start to get more expensive again. We import a lot of it and all this at a time when our own under-pressure currency is buying less and less ‘value’ abroad. You can understand why the PM might lash out at a convenient foreign target.

And in other news, George Bush is ‘saving’ the American motor industry (for Barack Obama to sort out.) No idea what this means for Jaguar Land Rover here. Chancellor of the Exchequer Alastair Darling is said to be resisting pressure from the Trade Secretary Lord Mandelson about any form of financial support for JLR (which is owned by the Indian-based Tata Group.) I wonder what the odds are on the Chancellor surviving long into 2009 are?

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  • Colin Beveridge

    Great cartoons and a great blog too, thanks Matt.

    I was astounded to hear that “Ministers are considering helping the new owners of Jaguar Landrover…”

    Cognitive dissonance is clearly not a problem for the denizens of the TATA boardroom, if they think it’s a good idea to hold out the begging bowl to the UK taxpayers while simultaneously lauding their Formula 1 sponsorship deal with Ferrari.

    Perhaps the TATA logo on the Ferrari will have “brought to you by Gordon, Alistair and Peter” in 24k gold lettering?

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