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AIG and Cristiano Ronaldo

AIG – the business insurer’s insurer has announced the largest loss in US business history – $61.7bn or, about £43bn. Their business has been insuring the loans and business dealings of global enterprises, many of whom, we are discovering, are basically bankrupt. AIG are also the shirts sponsors of Manchester United, current club football champions of England, Europe and the World and who yesterday won the Carling Cup. Their name is often shortened to…

AIG and Manchester United cartoon © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

AIG and Manchester United cartoon © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

Unsurprisingly, the AIG sponsorship deal with United will not be being renewed. There’s a lively scrap though for who will get the honour as Paddy Power reports

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  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    Oh for the days of Sharp and Sharp Viewcam…

  • Man UTD Shirt Guy

    It’s funny, I sometimes wonder if these huge insurers of insurers have any money, or is it just some clever use of photo shop certifiates, dodgy documents and a complete bold as brass front by a bogus investor to get money out of the actual big companies with Money, he convincse them he’s real, it actually works, meanwhile the guy works at the local 24 Hour garage, doing the nightshift with time on his hands a computer, nice Cartoons.

  • man utd shirt

    Bring on AON! We’re a marketing mans dream and will never be short of sponsors.

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