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McBride and prejudice

When considering the latest row over who said what about whom in the world of UK politics, one should try* and maintain a sense of wonder at the obsession of those who continue to fight in it. After all, what are they all fighting for? Right now, it’s the legal status to run a UK government which will be dealing with an economic collapse, mass unemployment, falling tax receipts and large scale debt. The perks of the life political really must be good.

But, on the issue-of-the-moment, Sunny Hundal at Liberal Conspiracy has a thoughtful piece (after the less-interesting conspiracy theory at the top) about the new age of digital publishing we are all entering. It also offers another way of doing things for digital politics which is far from the methods of McBride and Draper. In fact it echoes much of what Tim Montgomerie has done with ConservativeHome. Mick Fealty more or less agrees.

UPDATED. 13th April at 10am. Ian Dale has a comment piece in The Telegraph about the circumstances surrounding Derek Draper and the establishment of Labour List. Tom Miller at Newer Labour has an analysis too.

* This may not be successful.

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