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Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time

After this spring’s European elections and the victory of two British National Party members I wrote and drew this. I still think it is true, although I have added one small paragraph at the end.

Only idiots could fail to see the symbolic importance of Britain returning its first fascist members to the European parliament after yesterday’s elections.

We have for too long ignored unfashionable but pervasive problems in our political conversation – namely, poverty, the provision of public housing and low-paid, badly regulated employment. These traditional concerns have been mixed with the great economic experiment of globalisation and the free movement of labour, which suited the interests of large industries when capital was also flowing easily. Nobody appears to have thought much about what would happen when times were not so good and the imaginary money supply dried up. This is why we are all going to have to relearn some hard lessons during the next few years. This is also why Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s Labour party is so firmly jammed in the electoral and economic toilet. Frankly, they deserve to be.

Sadly, the present alternatives, Conservatives and Liberal Democrat, do not look any more impressive as potential governments.

The BBC will get a Question Time ratings smash tonight (there will be lots of public protest and media hoopla too.) But with luck, people will also get to see what an odious little toad Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, really is.

However, many of the problems which he talks about and that attract his supporters run a traditional risk of being ignored – and it is these things which are the true enemy because they create the environment in which outright racism and the BNP can flourish.

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  • Metrodeco

    We’re just a small tea shop in Brighton but we had a very recent encounter with the BNP. Read about our experience of Nick Griffin and our take on the Question Time debate here: http://bit.ly/3CJcaQ

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