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Immigrant experience

The following is a short advert on behalf of a piece of creative thinking.

Poles Apart, is a theatre show in which two Britons go to Poland to get a job and to reverse recent trends in human migration.

It reflects the real life experience of its creators, Mark Whiteley and Daniel Hoffmann-Gill;

We spent 2 weeks as immigrants and ate a lot of lard, so we came home and made a show about our adventures that includes traditional Polish dance, moustaches, jokes about Russians and Poland’s leading avant-garde theatre co-operative re-enacting the Gdansk iron ore factory strike of 1963.

The show is on in London at the RichMix on Bethnal Green Road on the 27th and 28th November, starting at 7:30pm sharp. Quality Polish vodka and some sausage will be available for the audience.

The show may also feature BNP the sit-com.

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