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Seasons greetings cartoon

A virginal Alastair Darling features in this drawing about the results of the immaculate conception between the financial gods and mere political baggage carriers.

Best wishes for the new year of two thousand and ten. Is anyone else intrigued by the current mode for the phrase twenty ten? Sometimes this sort of shorthand makes me think we are only seeing half of the picture. 😉

Happy time off* to one and all.

* if and when you get it.

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  • Royston Robertson

    Don’t get me started on that one! Surely it *should* be “twenty ten”, just as it was “nineteen ten” and I was born in “nineteen sixty eight”, not “one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight”!

    We went’ wrong at “twenty hundred”. Ten years into the century and we’re just starting to get it right.

    Don’t call me a pedant, it’s Christmas 😉

  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    Merry Christmas sir!

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