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Money does the bullying

Sterling_Dollar_Euro_currencies_default_cartoon © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

An eventful week in the wacky world of the United Kingdom, accusations of bullying, the entrance of the forces of hell, Conservative party jitters and an immediately impending election campaign for those who can still feel partisan about it all.

But, in the background, the big international game of currency solvency chicken goes on. Who will be the next sovereign nation to default on its debts. Any bets? Above, the US dollar, the pound sterling and the Euro discuss matters – after a fashion.

Reading: Laurence Copeland writing for Reuters

Reading: Definitions of a stock market crash (caution: contains theories about group psychology).

Reading: CityWire on what to do with the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    The poor old pound…

  • Matt

    Yes, poor old pound and it means everybody who uses them gets poorer at the same time too. This applies to both people and the businesses which employ them. Products or materials which both have to buy will get very much more expensive. Overall, Britain imports much more than it exports so as a result life and prices are going to get more expensive as the pound falls in value against other currencies like the Euro and the Dollar.

  • Kelly Watson@Handbag Boutique

    Heheh, amazing picture! Gonna use it as a wallpaper since now 🙂

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