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A very financial election

Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrat cartoon general election 2010 and public spending cuts © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons
A print magazine cover image on what the 2010 general Election is all about.
Reading: Simon Jenkins in The Guardian on how in hock we are to the debts of the insolvent banks
Reading: CityWire on Lehmann Bros and how to cook the books
Reading: What Ernst and Young – the auditors of Lehmann Bros – and who signed off their books say

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  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    That poor, poor creature.

  • Justin

    Is it alright if I use this picture for a non-revenue generating political blog that I edit? The link to it is above.

    I will use it as a link to your blog and if you object I will take it down straight away.

    Warm regards


  • admin

    Thank you for asking Justin. I would be happy for you to do this on the basis we have agreed.

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