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Cartoon: Women and children first!

Labour lost the first election of 2010 because they deserved to. The same applies to the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats and the result is the faustian bargaining of these two parties in coalition government.

There is always a lot of angst about betrayal and treachery on behalf of all parties in the aftermath of any important vote. This is pointless other than as catharsis or purging. I think Otto Von Bismarck’s observation that ‘Politics is the art of the possible’ is true. So, the Tories and the Lib Dems have been forced to make the proverbial lemonade from the vast host of lemons gleefully given to them by the voters.

If Con-Dem succeed in getting the steerage passengers off the sinking ship – built by the bankers and their bailouts – we will all have cause to be grateful.

Good luck everybody. Women and children first!

© Mixed Metaphors Incorporated

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