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A letter from Tobias Grubbe

I am in receipt of a letter from Tobias Grubbe about a meeting he attended last week.

To #newsrw to learn a GREATER business intelligence.

It was held in the capacious halls posssesed of one GATES, a gentleman, close to the West Minster.

Many hacks attended for discourse on matters of COMMERCE and how they might be exploited in their particular areas of WISDOM.

A gentleman @peterbale addresses the mob of scriveners and their familiars #newsrw
Tobias Grubbe

One REEVES of Birmingham followed with a fine and fiery sermon upon the advisability of KNOWLEDGE about the money.

Many there also made point on the schism of journalists from the means by which their labours are engaged.

Later, MINTO of Southwark and a confederate called FRABCUS made a good display of forms of engraving little known to me, although you may have found it of INTEREST. I could see the engagement in knowledge that they brought to the people who did interact with them.

Time for spectator SPORT at #newsrw Not BEAR-baiting, nor COCK-fighting, but a publick board of INQUIRY
Tobias Grubbe

THOMPSON from the hamlet of Brighthelmstone was the originator of the meet and made, I think, in concert with his mob, a fine work. I shall attend upon them again.


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