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Drawing: Sitting by the toilet with Irial

Virgin_Cross_Country_Trains_cartoon © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Returning from the 2011 Shrewsbury Cartoon festival I had the traditional experience of a crammed Virgin Cross Country train, so much so that the floor outside first class and next to the toilet was a prime seating opportunity. I drew this while I was there.

Sir Richard, if you are reading, sort it out please.

The fringe benefit was meeting some lovely people including Irial and three marvellous mature ladies of a militant nature who insisted on keeping the door open to first class so we could at least breath first class air.

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  • admin

    Oh – and that should be April on the picture. Sorry 🙂

  • Lyn Whitfield

    Sir Richard too busy having his bum licked by the BBC’s London marathon team to care, I suspect. They were all over how great it was for Virgin to be be supporting such as wonderful event yesterday. Wonder if they’ll go off him when they move to Salford Quays – and find his tatty, smelly trains are the only way to get to the capital’s great events?

  • Gerard Whyman

    Had the same experience travelling back to Newport on an Arriva train so overcrowding and insufficient number of carraiges not confined to Virgin unfortunately. Had the added bonus of delay with some signalling failure – let the train take the strain, eh?!!

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