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Cartoon: Euro – make up or break up

Cartoon: David Cameron speaks on Europe and the Euro © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

You can read the text of the PM’s speech on the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone here.

Cartoonist David Low drew the original version of  ‘Very well alone’ during the summer of 1940 – one of the darkest moments of World War Two – with the UK expecting an invasion from continental Europe.
The cartoon is the classic image of defiance against seemingly irresistible forces. At the time, it made a powerful pair with Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s speech about fighting the invaders on the beaches.
This modern parody cartoon applies ‘defiance’ to David Cameron and his speech on the Eurozone crisis –  just like Winston’s words, the PM’s not as alone as he implies he is. Mr Cameron always has the deputy PM.
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