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Video: The shorter Lord Justice Leveson

The polite public omerta surrounding negotiations upon the regulation of print journalism is finally breaking.

The long-running inquiry was commissioned in haste as the Prime Minister sought to remove questions about his former director of communications from the immediate political agenda. Those questions had arisen from the phone hacking saga focused on the News International media business.

The remit of the inquiry was vast and inevitably  proved a complex area on which to report. In time, it reflected a ‘traditional’ role of print journalism as a social mirror and so the sessions took in witnesses from the law, politics, show business, crime and struggled with important ideas such as free speech within a time of social, communication and economic change.

I commend this lecture by George Brock, head of journalism at City University and formerly of The Times if you are interested in how Lord Justice Leveson found a way through the experience and got us all to this point.

While I was listening to Brock’s lecture, I found I particularly enjoyed his characterisation of Brian Leveson as a moving target and so made the sketch Who could blame Brian Leveson for playing one?

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