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Cartoon: The Governor of the Bank of England

Take a look back at Mervyn King’s time in the hot seat at Threadneedle Street courtesy of Channel 4 News. The package features a short sequence of my drawings one of which I post below with a bit more time in hand.

Cartoon_Mervyn_King_Party_590px © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for Channel 4 News

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for Channel 4 News

As Mervyn reached the end of his role Mark Carney of Canada arrived today to step into the most political of all the non-political jobs in the country.

Despite the hefty wage and incentives he is receiving, courtesy of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who hired him, Carney is also now in possession of a very difficult job.

The expectations of some in the financial industry and government are already ridiculous. The photo comparison made in this BBC report gives a flavour of this daft ‘rock star’ treatment.

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