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Cartoon: European Parliament Elections 2014


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons after David Low

The elections for the European parliament are complete and they have been notable for the rise of non-mainstream parties, particularly from the right of the spectrum. In the UK this has delivered the United Kingdom Independence Party as the largest single party from the traditionally low national voter turnout.

The cartoon references ‘Very well alone’ by the New Zealand cartoonist David Low and which was drawn in 1940 at the fall of France to the Nazis.

I’ve chosen to reinterpret it with a more modern icon of Britain and a soundbite beloved of the Prime Minister who infamously took the UK into a political alliance with some openly neo-fascist parties back in 2009. James Clive-Matthews wrote about that and more here.

Edited: Jerry Hayes, the former Conservative MP for the marginal seat of Harlow in Essex, makes some good observations here about the general scene after the voting.

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