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Cartoon: Allegations of child abuse in the UK


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Not one but two inquiries are announced into the persistent inability or unwillingness of national institutions in the UK to fully investigate long-running stories of child abuse.

The global debate about what constitutes desirable publication in the cross jurisdictional digital world threatens to complicate matters.

Updated: 14th July 2014. There are persistent complaints about the neutrality of Lady Butler Sloss, the eminent judge who has agreed to lead the overarching ‘general’ inquiry into long running allegations of child abuse. She is the sister of Sir Michael Havers who was Attorney General (the government’s chief legal officer) during much of the period that seems to be under discussion.

It is impossible to know what the precise conflict of interest might be (other than the obvious family connection) because the terms of reference for both inquiries announced by the Prime Minister are also yet to be announced.

Updated: 14th July 2014 at 2pm: Lady Butler Sloss has stood down.

Updated: 7th August 2014. A direct appeal  from The East Anglian Daily Times for information about Peter Righton who features in the image above.

Updated: 20th August 2014. The old and important story of Peter Righton, an influential and powerful person in the world of UK social work appears in the mainstream media again (BBC) and he is directly  named as an advisor to the Home Office.

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