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Caricature: Stephen Green of HSBC


© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

Stephen Green, Baron of Hurstpierpoint and former Group Executive Chairman of  theHSBC Banking Group is being widely questioned about his remarkable lack of  managerial or executive oversight of its Swiss private banking arm before, during and after the financial crash of 2007/08.

This follows global public disclosure of information about opaque tax policies for high net worth individuals and the bank’s repeated business connections with money launders, terrorists and drug runners. Much of this results from a leak or whistleblower from within HSBC. You can watch an interview with the man concerned conducted by Faisal islam of Sky News here.

Thus far Stephen Green (aka the ‘ethical banker’) has avoided answering any questions at all.

Naturally after retiring from the financial industry in 2010, the present UK Prime Minister appointed him a Trade Minister. He served three years.

It seems likely that is all he will serve, despite his avowed faith because hilariously, Green is also a ordained priest in the Church of England. He is also author of a notable book called ‘Serving God, Serving Mammon’.

The cartoon owes something to the old game of Cluedo.

Updated: 15th February 2015.

Jon Snow on Stephen Green- 15th February 2015

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