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Cartoon: Jurisdictions in a digital world

Ryan Giggs revealed as subject of injunction © Matthew Buck Hack cartoons

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons

The result of a case in the Court of Justice of the EU has fundamentally challenged the recently established conventions for global transfer and retention of data, so-called ‘Safe Harbour‘. You can read the gist of the issue here as provided by the BBC . The technology experts at The Register give more context and back story here. The UK Law Society Gazette gives some reaction from industry – and it is shocked.

Watch this space.

Updated: 1pm

European Court of Justice Shrems judgment - at Matthew Buck hack Cartoons

The demand for the judgment is impressive

And one the reasons for the demand of its existence has also had a say.

Edward Snowden on the #DataRetentionDirective at Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

The Financial Times takes a look at the immediate consequences and the road(s) ahead for all here.


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