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The hidden costs of coverage – sack those sub-editors to pay for it!

Having spent a good slice of this week drawing US politicians and the ongoing hoopla at the Democrats convention in Denver, I wondered at the sheer logistical size of the operation. I was, then, happy to find Kevin Anderson’s round-up of reporting about the 15,000 journalists on site in Colorado. He (and his linkage reporters) put a finger right on one of the media’s big problems now, how to make a proportionate dispersion of resources in hard, economic times. You might paraphrase it as, is that vox pop really justifying its place? Happily, while musing on the nature of news priorities, Alex Hilton at Recess Monkey provided this little gem of light relief, an email leak from The Sunday Express newspaper in the UK. The resulting rant is what happens when your products production staff is thinned out to maintain the shareholders 10%+ year-on-year dividend. Quality suffers, and as Sadie says, it could really make you go online to register your disgust…

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