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Photoshop: Being Andrew Gilligan – or not

The is-it-Andrew-Gilligan-or-not row rumbles on. To my knowledge, this has been a long one. Here is a link to Adrian Monck, Professor of Journalism and Media at City University, questioning some interesting behaviour on his blog way back in 2007.

Currently, there is much coverage of Andrew’s comment ‘friends’ here and here.

It seems sad to me that the UK’s Journalist of the Year can’t bring himself to engage in the results of the conversation you might have thought he’d like his writing and reporting to start. If you would like to ask him yourself, and you live in Greenwich, you could try and engage him in conversation here, because this column looks and reads like a nice piece of community focused, conversational journalism.

The attached joke is a speedy piece of photoshoppery in the spirit of my colleague, Beau Bo D’Or, who is far too efficient for his own good.

Being Andrew Gilligan - or not photomontage

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  • Dave Hill

    You’ve been linked to. Nice work.

  • Martin

    So this “evidence” against Gilligan was shopped, eh? I’m starting to look at the man in a whole new light.

  • Tim

    I am Kennite! Get over it!!

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