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This is quite radical

In an effort to avoid becoming a dying industry the Guardian news organisation has done something quite radical.

UPDATED 1pm 10th March 2009: Although, at the same time in a.nother part of the same media group there are some redundancies. (via)

UPDATED UPDATE 6pm: Press statement on the job losses from Guardian Media Group. (Via

AND AGAIN: Noon on 11th March 2009: Martin Belam at CurryBet.net on the launch of Open Platform

AND: 4pm 11th March 2009: Jon Slattery has more on further job losses at GMG newspapers

AND: 12th March 2009: An interesting point illustrating the problems established media have had with the digital world. Kudos to Paul Bradshaw and Malcolm Coles.

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  • Adams

    Yes. Quite shocking

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