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British bloggerati – caricature of Iain Dale

Caricature of Iain Dale, british Conservative blogger and publisher © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

Caricature of Iain Dale, British Conservative blogger and publisher © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

Online notoriety follows Iain Dale, the Orwell prize nominee for blogging around. There’s no word on his current business expense claims 😉 although as he publishes Total Politics magazine in print I imagine they can be quite extensive. I ought to admit a sneaking admiration for Iain’s past as owner and publisher of the Politico’s bookshop in London‘s Victoria. He ran a fine shop there which now lives entirely online, although Iain has nothing to do with it anymore.

You can choose whether he should wear the horns or the halo in the picture.

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  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill


  • Tim Ireland

    Can we take my vote as read?

    Oh, and if there must be a halo (i.e. if Iain somehow rigs this vote too), do make sure it’s brass. Like his neck.


  • The Prof

    Ideally I’d dispense with horns & halo & have a tumescent member between his eyes,as frankly the guy is a dickhead

  • LS

    Both, of course!

  • 5cc

    Horns please.

  • Barry Tonks

    Horns please!

  • Devil's Kitchen

    Please don’t sully the beautiful horns by putting them on Master Dale: the horns belong to me…


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