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MPs expenses cartoon – official version

Lots of live blogging as people sort through the paperwork they can see. The Telegraph has learned something interesting about former PM Tony Blair’s claim just before he left office.

UPDATED: 9pm. The Guardian has a neat little tool where you can help investigate  the 700,000 documents which were released today. These should clarify exactly who was claiming for what and when. A lot of it is ‘redacted’, edited and, or censored by the big black blocks (see above) but it’s the start of something better – with luck.

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  • Daniel Hoffmann-Gill

    Did I see your picture on the front of a newspaper today or has someone stolen your idea?

  • gab

    very good my friend ! and yohohoho and a bottle of rhum…vive Palavas !!!!

  • gab

    very good my friend, and yohohoho and a bottle of rhum !

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