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Live caricaturing Nick Clegg at Reuters

Low-technology chair at Reuters for Drawnalism

Fine low-technology chair for Drawnalism at Reuters

I had an interesting day yesterday with Thomson Reuters after they asked me to caricature Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats at an experimental digital interview they were conducting with him. The project involved a massive gathering of crowdsourced, or submitted questions, mainly sourced through Twitter and user-generated video.

Clegg took questions for over an hour without any knowledge of what was coming his way. It was interesting and impressive stuff from both the remote questioners and the man answering them. The journalists practised their new role as moderators and managers of the multiple conversations. Behind that, some very skilled technical folk did wonders streaming live data and social interactions using a liberal amount of communication devices.

Reuters had thoughtfully provided me with a chair which had a clear line of sight to Clegg and I got down to about 40 minutes of watching and drawing. I had to work fast because of the interview deadline and so chose a splashy style and a high contrast colour set. You can see some of the results here.

Nick Clegg MP. Live drawn at Thomson Reuters 13th July 2009 © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

Nick Clegg MP. Live drawn at Thomson Reuters 13th July 2009 © Matt Buck Hack Cartoons

You can read a fuller analysis of my part in the event here and of the event more generally, here.

UPDATED: 11.25am. There’s a Flickr photo stream from the day here too.

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  • Royston Robertson

    Good to see that art has been saved! Nice work, Matt. Enjoyed the fuller report over at the Reuters blog also.

  • Morten

    Drawnalism looks like a great concept. Good to be able to join events like these live too!

    Will you add more than the caricature – like a comment piece based what he said at the event – or is it mainly about what you produce live?

  • Landers

    Just seen the Fuller report. Very nice interview and well done Matt. You are a great ambassador for the ‘new art’.

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