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Party political donors

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Payment of taxation on your earnings is how you get a vote in the way  the country is run. People who choose not to pay tax in the UK through use of the non-domicile loophole but who still seek influence on the electoral process need to be viewed with extreme caution.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair reminded us that political influence is sold for economic reasons with the £1m donation from Bernie Ecclestone in return for delaying a ban on tobacco advertising in Formula One. (The timing of this donation is interesting in relation to the current election campaign. Ecclesone’s gift was given several months before the 1997 election in expectation of services to be rendered after it.)

Clarity and transparency of donations to politicians need to apply to the funding of all UK political parties during elections – and in between them. All corporate donations are listed at the Electoral Commission and available to public scrutiny. This includes gifts in kind as well as money.

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