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Cartoon: The British Spies

Cartoon_British_Spies_27_06_13 © Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for http://tribunecartoons.com

© Matthew Buck Hack Cartoons for http://tribunecartoons.com

After the revelations of mass surveillance technologies revealed by US Whistleblower Edward Snowden and British activity within it, I was reminded of the  world war Two propaganda image by Kenneth Bird, aka Fougasse. There were many variations on the original image, this one is hosted by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Metroplitan Police get a seat on the bus because of the revelations about the police investigation following the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Updated 22nd August 2013: The story about the detention of David Miranda at London Heathrow has also crystalised many of the complicated debates swirling around the collection and possession of public and private data in the digital age.

This article by Adrian Monck offers an overview of the global debate which stretches across many individual jurisdictions.

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